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Welcome to Icon Relocation

Icon Relocation provides a range of quality assured relocation services and corporate housing solutions in the UK and worldwide. Launched in 2001 by a team of experienced relocation professionals, we provide innovative and cost effective relocation services to support the corporate mobility programs of some of the world’s best known companies.

We offer a comprehensive menu of relocation services to support all aspects of UK employee relocation, with a focus at all times on delivering a highly personal service that meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations:  we don’t believe “off the shelf” packages can effectively address the needs of relocating employees without compromise, so our corporate relocation services can all be tailored to meet clients’ specific requirements, leading to high levels of employee satisfaction whilst maintaining tight cost control.

UK and Worldwide Coverage

In addition to our extensive range of UK relocation services, we have developed a global network of specialist partners to provide international relocation services and associated complementary services such as serviced apartments, intercultural and language training and immigration services. Our independence means that we partner only with organisations able to provide the same high standards of service associated with Icon, whilst effectively mirroring the flexible and tailored service programs we provide in the UK ensuring our clients’ employees receive a consistent relocation experience wherever in the world they are moving.

Icon can provide a complete and cost effective solution for all corporate relocation requirements. From a senior executive relocation to London, an international relocation from New York to Singapore, through to setting up a corporate housing program for short-term or rotational assignees in the UK, or advice on visa and immigration requirements for an employee relocation to Frankfurt, we can provide the answer.

Executive Relocation

Our clients trust us to relocate employees at all levels, from board directors to graduates and we well understand the importance of senior level executive relocations being carried out smoothly, often to demanding timelines, in the UK and worldwide.

Our tailored home search programs ensure that each executive receives the appropriate level of personalised support from an experienced relocation coordinator who fully understands their needs and priorities. This approach, combined with our expertise, attention to detail and commitment to service quality, make us a natural partner for the relocation of executive staff.

Corporate Housing

As well as our menu of destination services, Icon provides bespoke corporate housing programs which provide a cost effective approach to the challenge of controlling costs while ensuring assignees receive a consistent standard of accommodation.

Corporate housing programs are an innovative solution to housing short-term or rotational assignees, commuters and graduate employees and Icon currently manages a number of large scale programs for clients across the UK with extremely high levels of employee satisfaction.

Each corporate housing program is entirely tailored to meet the needs of our clients and the profile of the assignees or employees relocating, rather than an off the shelf package. In fact, the only similarities between programs are the significant cost savings we have been able to demonstrate, when compared with alternative forms of short term accommodation.

Our customer driven and flexible approach has made us one of the fastest growing relocation companies in the UK, with a reputation for innovation and the effective use of technology. We have developed a market leading online UK relocation guide and use a web-based relocation tracking system to monitor ongoing cases, which our clients can access in line with our open approach to service delivery. We are currently developing an online orientation and property search tool aimed at the 90% of employees who relocate without formal relocation assistance.

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Corporate Relocation

Icon Relocation provides a comprehensive menu of quality assured corporate relocation services and corporate housing solutions in the UK and across the globe...

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Corporate Housing

The use of hotel or serviced accommodation for short-term, rotational or commuter assignees is convenient, but can drastically increase the pressure on your relocation budget...

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Immigration & Visa

Obtaining the appropriate visas and work authorisation are crucial for the transfer of an employee and their family. Icon Relocation is ready to support your assignees with all their immigration needs.

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Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services can be adapted to all aspects of the relocation process, from departure and arrival, when moving home, cleaning when departing a rental property, or regular scheduled cleaning.

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